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Dr. Dan Neundorf lives in Ontario, Canada. His work takes him to many locations throughout the world. He would be happy to speak with you about what results you want to achieve individually or as an organization. He will even bounce some ideas around with no obligation or pressure. You can email Dr. Dan Neundorf at dan@withimpact.com

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Over 30 years as a business coach


Teaches leaders from around the globe to be more high performing

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Helps leaders successfully navigate their careers

Meet Dr. Dan Neundorf

Over 30 years as a business coach and instructor

Taught leaders from around the globe to be more high performing

Author of 2 best selling books, hundreds of articles and numerous ebooks

Doctorate in Education, Masters in Business Administration, Accredited Executive Coach, Member of Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

An extraordinary natural talent for connecting with people and drawing out their potential for personal growth and organizational contribution

Has crafted and led hundreds of consulting, coaching and training events across the world

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You can email at dan@withimpact.com

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