New Normal Series: Individuals, Leaders, Teams And Customers

In Our Post Pandemic Business World

We all have witnessed how our world can change in the blink of an eye and have a lasting impact. As we approach our new normal, three aspects of business continue to rise to the top as being essential. Now more than ever, your organization must have strong leaders who lead high performing individuals and teams, and who ultimately engage and bring value to your customers. The New Normal Series supports your organization through the journey of establishing the new normal for your business by developing the critical individual skills, leadership, team and customer-centric mindsets to differentiate your organization.

COVID: Creating Opportunities from a Very Interesting Dilemma

Finding Individual Success from the Pandemic

Consider COVID and this recent Pandemic as a test drive for the future. We did not want COVID – but it taught us a great deal. Those that embraced the challenge and leveraged their strengths – or discovered new ones – found opportunity and success. What opportunities did COVID bring you and how will you leverage those in the future? This workshop will give you the tools that you need to ensure this COVID test drive was (strangely) worth it. Topics include:

1: How to move beyond COVID to your own New Normal

2: The real opportunities you gained from COVID

3: Which opportunities should you continue to leverage? How should you leverage these opportunities?

4: Your readiness for the next interruption; what skills should you develop?

5: Questions you need to consider now that will help you move successfully into the future?

6: Determining how your customers, partners and stakeholders will change over the next 5 years?

Leading in the New Normal

Five Critical Leadership Skills Post Pandemic

You have heard it many times – the world has changed. These changes mean an impact on leaders and how they lead. Dr. Dan teaches leaders the five most critical leadership skills in this new normal:

Skill 1: Leaders must build strong, trusting, and resilient teams - remotely and face to face.

Skill 2: Leaders must navigate, manage, and leverage change quickly while focusing on the big picture.

Skill 3: Leaders must embrace diversity and inclusion and demonstrate strong EQ within fast-moving, complex work environments.

Skill 4: Leaders must create a leadership culture focused on 5 critical success factors: collaboration, creativity, calculated risk taking, agility and learning on the fly.

Skill 5: Leaders must have a global mindset when thinking strategically and executing quickly.

Teaming in the New Normal

Five Critical Areas for High Performing Teams Post Pandemic

Strong, trusting, and cohesive teams that consistently perform well both remotely and face to face define successful teams post pandemic. Dr. Dan supports teams in 5 critical areas for high performing teams in this new normal:

1: Stronger Collaborative Relationships

2: Drive for Results Together

3: Positive Communication

4: Embracing Change

5: Agile Learning

Customer Access in the New Normal

Four Critical Areas to Support Greater Access Post Pandemic

Customer access is at risk. These risks will continue to increase if we do not acknowledge and understand that our customer’s mindset is changing. Dr. Dan supports you and your team in 4 critical areas to support greater access to customers in this new normal:

1: Customer Mindset in the New Normal

2: Customer Relationships in the New Normal: The Multi Role Approach

3: Creating Competitive Immunity

4: Becoming a Trusted Advisor in your Customer’s Eyes

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