High Potential New Leader Certificate Program

Consider the following 3 questions:

How are you developing future leaders in your organization?

How are you retaining top talent within your organization?

How are you filling your talent pool with strong leaders?

The High Potential New Leader Certificate Program is for high potential individual contributors within your organization who you would like to prepare for future people leadership positions. The program consists of 8 phases customized to the leadership culture of your organization. Between each phase there are assignments and coaching sessions with Dr. Dan. The program culminates with a leadership project, selected by the program participant and his or her manager, which supports a department objective in the current year.

Phase 1: Preparing for Leadership: The Leadership Mindset

Phase 2: When to Lead and when to Manage

Phase 3: Leading others with different personalities, strengths, and experience levels

Phase 4: Leadership Communication

Phase 5: Leading with Influence

Phase 6: Leading in Times of Change

Phase 7: Leading through Conflict

Phase 8: Leadership Project

When selecting candidates for The High Potential New Leader Certificate Program consider individuals who are:

6 - 12 months from being promoted to People Manager

top individual contributor performers

part of succession planning discussions in building the future of the organization

potential flight risks with a desire to retain them

ambitious and desire a career path to people management in development plans

Successful graduates of the program receive the:

Impact High Potential New Leader Program

Certificate of Completion